Dog photographer. Photographing dogs and their people

Photographing dogs and their people

Welcome to my website. If you've found your way here then I already know that we share a love of dogs.  Dogs being dogs,  out in the great outdoors, running, sniffing and sharing their life with the people close to them, that is the style of photography I offer and one that never fails to excite me.  In the middle of a shoot or editing the images afterwards, those beautiful doggy faces, soulful eyes and waggy tails, never fail to make me smile.  Once you've let a dog into your life they go on to steal your heart and often a large share of the sofa as well.  Have a look around my website.  With all the beautiful faces I'm sure you'll find something that makes you smile, sigh, or feel that you can almost touch their fur.  Having a dog in your life is truly special, a blessing.  From the moment my dog Dandy came into my world things were never the same again and I wouldn't change a minute of it.  If you know what I mean then you'll understand the importance of having good quality photographs taken of your dog at least once.  They are so, so worth it.  To find out how an unruly labradoodle and love of photography lead me to where I am now click this link.  Enjoy the dogs.    

Ann & Dandy

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Based in Fleet Hampshire I cover Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and West Sussex.  There may be an additional charges for travel.  Contact me with your location for details.


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