About Ann

I'm Ann and I live in Hampshire, UK with my husband Derek and Labradoodle Dandy.  I've had a fascination for animals and photography for as far back as I can remember.  At the age of about six I would spend ages stalking sparrows outside our house with my Mum's Kodac Instamatic camera.  I would eagerly wait for the images to come back (yes good old film days), only to find that the bird which appeared so large in the viewfinder was now only a speck in the middle of the image.  But it was a start. 

My love of photography and nature have stayed with me.  I love taking a break from sitting in front of my computer and going out with my camera and seeing what is around.  Sometimes I'll have an idea in mind, sometimes I don't, but when you really start to look, you begin to see things in a new way.  One thing leads to another and I always learn something new.  The art of photography is all about observation, looking at things in a new way and then using the camera to tell the story.  The same subject can be seen in so many different ways.

In today's modern life it's easy to rush around and switch off to the beauty that I believe is all around us.  I've made a choice to take a few minutes every day (maybe more) to slow down and look at things with fresh eyes.  I'll be sharing some of what I see here and I'd love you to join me on the journey. 

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